Module 3: Advanced methods of Breeding Seaweeds

Introduction to the module:


Station Biologique de Roscoff: Zofia Nehr; Komlan Avia; Stéphane Mauger; Bertrand Jacquemin; Emilie Gouhier; Delphine Scornet; Jérôme Coudret; Stéphane Loisel; Susana M. Coelho; Christophe Destombe; Philippe Potin; Myriam Valero; J. Mark Cock

Practical information: This module is divided into two, one-hour lessons. A PDF version of the module is available below.

Lesson 1 – Breeding as a tool for optimization of seaweed cultivation.

Lesson 2 – Advanced methods for seaweed breeding.

Module description:

This module provides guidelines to improve seaweed breeding programmes, by demonstrating how to optimise breeding and growing conditions for various seaweed species leading to greater production.

Expected learning outcomes are:
Lesson 1 – Develop an understanding of breeding as a tool for optimization of seaweed cultivation.

Lesson 2 – Develop an understanding of the seaweed breeding process.

Associated Reading:

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Additional resources:

Algaculture for Biotechnology Online Training Course by SAMS:

Module 3 Self Assessment Quiz