GENIALG at the 67th Annual Meeting of the British Phycological Society (BPS)

Organised by BPS, a charity devoted to the study of algae since 1952 and the largest in Europe. Topics covered included, Interactions of algae with microbes and grazers in present and future oceans, Algal physiology in the limelight and Blue Carbon: the role of phytoplankton in long-term carbon burial.

  • GENIALG presentation by Marie-Mathilde Perrineau of SAMS: From the Genome-Wide Association Study of natural kelp populations to marker-assisted selection for the seaweed industry
  • GENIALG poster presentation by Cecilia Rad Menéndez of SAMS: The Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP): Current efforts and vision to underpin the rise of seaweed aquaculture