The Promises of Seaweed – Les Promesses de l’Algue

Seaweeds are present in foods, cosmetics, animal feeds and pharmaceuticals. But the possibilities are endless, they offer many new opportunities as the demand for bio-based materials grows. Objects that have a plastic-like appearance to them are actually made with a revolutionary algal powder. The history of this algal material began at the GENIALG Coordinator, Station Biologique de Roscoff (CNRS).

It’s a plant for the future, it’s clear ,” says Philippe Potin, research director at CNRS and GENIALG Coordinator, “and it is produced at sea and it does not depend on land resources, particularly freshwater resources, and it’s really important for the adaptation to climate change that we are experiencing today.

Working for the environment by growing seaweed is the passion of Jean-François Arbona from C-Weed Aquaculture, a GENIALG partner. Depending on the season, his seaweed farm produces 40 to 50 tons of seaweed. The harvested seaweeds are used in particular to produce powder-based biomaterials after a long process of transformation known as seaweed biorefinery. This algal-derived material being part of the solution, perhaps, to reduce the widespread use of plastics!

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