FREE REGISTRATION NOW OPEN – GENIALG Final Conference Online – 30 November 2020




On 30 November 2020, GENIALG will host an international, one-day, open-door, final conference. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this conference has been adapted to an online event with FREE registration!

GENIALG is carrying out extensive research on all aspects of seaweed to support the development of the seaweed sector, aiming for a sustainable utilisation and processing of seaweed into high value compounds.

Anyone with an interest in seaweed research is invited to join us to hear everything you need to know about:

✔ Diversifying and expanding the exploitation of seaweed into high value compounds for human and animal food, plant care, biomaterials, cosmetics and green chemistry

✔ High-yielding seaweed cultivation systems

✔ Production and sustainable exploitation of brown alga Saccharina latissima (sugar kelp) and green alga Ulva spp. (sea lettuce)

✔ Economic feasibility and environmental sustainability of cultivating and refining seaweed biomass

✔ Impact of seaweed exploitation on the environment, economy and society


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