SW-Grow Seaweed Industry Survey for Seaweed Farmers, Harvesters and Producers

SW-Grow is a European Union funded project with sole focus on the seaweed industry in the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) region. It aims to identify common issues throughout the region and give access to high-level R&D links within academic partners across regional and national borders to pilot solutions that can be adopted throughout the industry – thus developing solutions that enable technology transfer across the Programme area – in particular benefiting SMEs. This will result in higher levels of innovation and competitiveness in remote and sparsely populated areas by transfer and development of models and solutions that facilitate technology transfer to, and across, the Programme area.

If you farm, harvest, process or have a seaweed business then it would be very much appreciated if you could please spend 10 minutes of your precious time on this survey they have developed to collect information from members of the seaweed industry.

Take seaweed industry survey. Please feel free to share this survey with other members of the seaweed industry.

A report will be available to you if you wish to see the results of the survey in due course, please email c.nighriofa@udaras.ie directly if you would like a copy.