Public consultation on the EU Algae Initiative now open

The initiative aims to increase sustainable production, to ensure safe consumption and to boost the innovative use of algae and algae-based products in the European Union.

The objectives of this consultation are to:

  • Collect facts, views and opinions on current challenges in the algae production and consumption as well as options and preferences for resolving them,
  • Ensure all voices are heard with adequate representation from all stakeholder groups i.e., industry, public authorities, civil society, research; academia, NGOs, EU citizen, etc.,
  • Gather further information, including roadmaps, policy briefs, studies and analysis of policies, actions and technologies.

This survey seeks both your general opinion on the algae sector and provides an opportunity to answer more specific questions related to unlocking algae potential in Europe.

This survey should take approximately 10-30 minutes to complete. You can pause filling in the survey and continue at a later time. All information collected via the survey will be stored and handled in a confidential manner and compliant with the GDPR. You are entitled to upload a document or position paper to your contribution (maximum size 3 MB).

Deadline for contributions is 11 August 2021.

You can preview the survey PDF here or go direct to take the survey here.

For more information please contact