Biorefinery Manual

GENIALG Biorefinery Manual: Benefits and Sustainability of Seaweed Biorefinery

This manual is based on outputs and insights from GENIALG, whose overall objective was to make seaweed biomass production more economically and environmentally sustainable by designing high-yielding seaweed cultivation systems that optimise the seaweed crops for biorefinery. GENIALG focused on seaweed biorefinery of Ulva spp. and Saccharina latissima.

The Manual highlights the general methodology, innovations and protocols for effective implementation of each stage of the biorefinery process. It demonstrates good practices acquired during the project and will be used by private partners to exchange with current clients on the approach as well as to attract new clients and potential markets liable to develop the Blue Economy.

The Manual has a short, designed version which is available to download from the GENIALG Zenodo Community. The full long version of the Manual will be published in a peer-reviewed journal in the coming weeks and a link will be added to this page so please do check again for updates.

Download GENIALG Biorefinery Manual