GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative Macro-ALGal biorefinery



15th-16th February 2018, Pordenone-Italy

The second edition of the International conference and exhibition dedicated to the technologies, products and best practices of sustainable production of fish will take place on the 15th and 16th of February 2018 at the Exhibition Center of Pordenone, Italy. Aimed at professionals, the 2018 event will cover topics across Mediterranean aquaculture, sustainable fisheries, algae cultivation as well as indoor and vertical farming systems.

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10th Euro-Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

5th-6th March 2018, Paris-France

The 10th Euro-Global Summit on aquaculture & fisheries will be organised around the theme Impeccable growth of the aquaculture & fisheries sector. This international platform brings together industry, academia, researchers, innovators and regulators who will be presenting and discussing current topics including salmon aquaculture, sustainable aquaculture, recirculating aquaculture systems, fishing technology, aquatic physiology to name only a few.

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Oceanology International

13th-15th March 2018, London-UK

Now in its 49th year, Oceanology International is the leading ocean technology marine science exhibition and conference. The conference offers structured networking opportunities in which suppliers and buyers can establish relationships and secure business on a global scale.

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GIA2018: 5th International Symposium on Genomics in Aquaculture

21st-23rd March 2018, Albufeira-Portugal

The Genomics in Aquaculture symposium (GIA) series of symposia have become a solid forum for presentation and discussion of the most recent advances in this area. Covering farmed fish and shellfish species as well as new species with aquaculture potential such as microalgae, the 2018 event will cover topics such as nutrition and growth, stress and immune response, reproduction and breeding and toxicology and environmental impact.

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Seafood Expo Global

24th-26th April 2018, Brussels-Belgium

Seafood Expo Global features more than 1,850 exhibiting companies from 79 countries. As the largest seafood trade fair, this is a great opportunity for a professional seafood buyer to meet and do business with seafood suppliers from around the world.

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Algal Research for Policy-Making and Biotech Symposium

14th-18th May 2018, Oban-UK

Algal Research for Policy-Making and Biotech (ARPMB) provides an international forum for communicating recent advances in algal research and for promoting the link between science, policy and biotechnology. Addressing both academia and industry, this conference offers a unique opportunity for delegates to exchange information and ideas as part of an interdisciplinary audience.

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Aquaculture UK

23rd-24th May 2018, Aviemore-Scotland

Aquaculture UK is viewed as the most important aquaculture exhibition and conference held in the British Isles.  With representatives from all major aquaculture countries around the world, aquaculture professionals are provided with direct access to international suppliers representing all aspects of the industry.

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11th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries

24th-25th May, Osaka-Japan

Aquaculture Summit 2018 is a unique global platform whereby exchange of ideas, research outcomes and experiences in the field of aquaculture & fisheries takes place. The Global Summit will be featuring keynote, oral and poster presentations and exhibitions on the theme Innovative and Sustainable Aquaculture.

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18th International Symposium on Fish Nutrition

3rd-7th June 2018, Las Palmas-Spain

The meeting will cover all aspects of nutritional science, from precise quantification of requirements for specific production performance criteria, assessing the value of novel feed ingredients and additives of nutritional or technological interest. The contributions will stress the importance of nutrition and feeding on health and physiological well-being of aquatic organisms affecting production performance and the quality and safety of farmed seafood.

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Tjärnö International Seaweed Conference

18th-20th June 2018, Tjärnö-Sweden

Tjärnö International Seaweed Conference is a forum for knowledge exchange on seaweed cultivation and the use of seaweed biomass. International experts and speakers from the Swedish seaweed projects will share their experiences and provide valuable input to the discussions.

Keynote lectures and workshops on three themes:

  • Seaweed cultivation
  • Biorefining of seaweed biomass to produce food/feed ingredients and green materials
  • Ecological and economical sustainability of large scale seaweed cultivation.

The conference takes place at Tjärnö marine laboratory, a national center for seaweed cultivation in Sweden.

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1st Seaweed for Health Conference

24th-27th June, Galway-Ireland

The 1st Seaweed for Health Conference will bring together knowledge and experience for research and business within nutraceutical, bioactive and pharmaceutic compounds in seaweed.

This event will also include a visit in the local Connemara area, to highlight and promote seaweed activities in the area.

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Aqua 2018

25th-29th August 2018, Montpellier-France

A global aquaculture event with participation expected from more than 60 countries, Aqua 2018 will highlight the latest research and innovations within aquaculture in order to underpin continued growth of this food production sector. This year’s edition will host the largest aquaculture tradeshow and provide attendees the opportunity to inspect the latest developments in products and services within the industry.

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APPRISE MacroAlgae Workshop

6th-7th September 2018, Roscoff

This workshop, sponsored by EuroMarine, will discuss about innovative pathways in macro algae and identify opportunities and challenges in the industry, with the aim of building a clearer vision of the future macro algae industry and routes towards it.

Location: Station Biologique Roscoff, Brittany, France

Project: APRISE: Anticipating Potential Pathways and Routes for Innovation towards desirable Socio-Economic impacts (focus on macro algae)

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3rd Aquaculture Conference 2018: Recent advances in aquaculture research

25th-28th September, Qingdao-China

This conference will bring together top senior scientists from all research areas within aquaculture. The Elsevier event will follow a very innovative format, with keynote talks in each session followed by discussions and then a poster session around the topic of the keynote. The topics will explore advances in aquaculture areas such as modelling and technologies, production sciences, diseases and physiology, nutrition, sustainability and society.

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