GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative Macro-ALGal biorefinery

The new ‘blue gold’: Olmix Group believes in the vast potential of algae

The Vietnam Foodexpo Symposium was held in Ho Chi Minh’s Saigon Exbition Centre in November 2017. Jointly organised by the Embassy of France and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture, Foodexpo hosted over 400 exhibitors from 20 different countries. Celebrating the strong long term economic and industrial relationship between Vietnam and France, the latter was chosen as the event’s “Country of Honour”.

With an important presence in the Asian market, the Olmix Group took part in this event and Mr Quang Thanh Trinh – Director of Olmix Asia –  discussed about some of the latest activities of the company and highlighted the huge potential of algae within the food and health chain.

In his presentation, Mr Quang Thanh Trinh elaborated on the power and potential of algae, which Olmix has been focusing on over the last two decades. Indeed, Olmix Group regards algae as the new “blue gold”, considering all the potential applications it can have across industries on plant, animal and human health. According to Mr Quang Thanh Trinh and the vision of Olmix Group, algae’s properties as a unique natural and renewable resource can be used to reduce reliance on pesticides, antibiotics and chemical products. For example, with respect to animal care, algae could be used as a protector of the digestive system and as an immunomodulator while, in terms of human health, Mr Quang Thanh Trinh highlighted algae’s antiviral and immune-regulations properties and their ability to reduce the central nervous system disorders.

The Olmix Group has recently opened new production facilities in the province of Binh Duong, Vietnam.


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