GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative Macro-ALGal biorefinery

Seaweed extract for creamy desserts

Known for their sustainably-produced natural seaweed and other algal extracts, Algaia has launched at the end of last year a new alginate line – Satialgine DVA – considered to be part of the next generation of seaweed extract for premium dairy and non-dairy dessert applications.

This seaweed extract product is now an option for consumers who have food sensitivities to dairy/eggs or want a vegan and/or low-fat alternative to high-fat desserts. The company harvests brown algae locally, i.e. a few miles from its plant in Brittany, which ensures a constant fresh, local supply of raw material. The proximity to the source also reduces the need for seaweed preservation as well as greenhouse gas emissions resulted from transportation.

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