Official Launch of the Safe Seaweed Coalition: Powering the Restorative Revolution of Seaweed

Official Kick-Off of the Safe Seaweed Coalition in partnership with the Financial Times, 1PM (GMT) on Wednesday 17 March 2021!

With its ubiquity in most oceanic environments, seaweed is uniquely placed to address the global challenges of world hunger, pollution and biodiversity (addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2, 12 and 14 to name a few!). Presently, seaweed is the fastest growing aquaculture sector, but it will not meet its potential as an important and safe food source without coordinated efforts. There is an urgent need to reduce the risks and hazards involved in seaweed aquaculture in order to ensure the safe scale-up of the market globally.

Led by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, United Nations Global Compact and GENIALG project coordinator CNRS as well as a multi-stakeholder steering committee. From the GENIALG project, Philippe Potin (GENIALG coordinator CNRS) is co-PI and Kevin Cascella (GENIALG Project Manager) is Manager of the Coalition. Also from GENIALG, Jorunn Skjermo (SINTEF), Pi Nyvall-Collen (Olmix Group), Sander van den Burg (WUR) and Frank Neumann (SES) along with Philippe are on the Advisory Board.

The Safe Seaweed Coalition is the proposed solution to ensure that seaweed production is scaled-up both safely and efficiently to produce a sustainable and safe source of food, as well as animal feed and other major secondary benefits, as outlined in Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s Seaweed Manifesto. Thus, with its emphasis on the safety of food, safe operations and sustainability, the Safe Seaweed Coalition will facilitate the emergence of an international seaweed market, with an optimised supply chain and global safety standards for workers, consumers and the environment.

The official launch of the Safe Seaweed Coalition will take place at 1PM (GMT) on Wednesday 17 March 2021, as an online public dialogue in partnership with the Financial Times. During the launch, discussions will cover the convergence of investment and interest around seaweed, as well as what needs to be done to establish critical infrastructure, regulations and technologies to power this restorative revolution of seaweed.

The official launch will have the following discussion panel who will also have a Q&A with the audience:

Anoushka Concepcion, Sea Grant Connecticut

Dr. Flower E. Msuya, University Dar Es Salam

Prof. Gwang Hoon Kim, Pyropia aquaculture research coalition

Dr. Junning Cai, Food and Agriculture Organization

Dr. Philippe Potin, Senior research scientist CNRS

Vincent Doumeizel, United Nations Global Compact/Lloyd’s Register Foundation
















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