The Norwegian Seaweed Biorefinery Platform – Newsletter Out Now

The Norwegian Seaweed Biorefinery Platform (SBP‐N) is a five‐year project which started in 2019 and is funded by the Research Council of Norway. SBP-N is a national consortium generated to coordinate the efforts of research institutions toward an increased and sustainable Norwegian seaweed‐based industry. The Platform serves as a hub for research, knowledge, methodology and stakeholder networks. Its main aim is to aid in the regulation of macroalgae cultivation and harvesting industries, and in characterisation of macroalgae‐derived products. Research in the project focuses on characterisation of the biomass and development of technology to enable future economically and environmentally sustainable biorefinery processes, as well as establishing high‐value and bulk product pipelines.

This year has been a challenge for us all due to Covid-19. The way we all usually communicate with each other has changed and SBP-N has decided to adapt to the
current situation by producing a monthly newsletter! The newsletter will provide an update on the ongoing activities and news within the project, as well as news from their different seaweed stakeholders. So subscribe to their newsletter here and in the mean time you can read their first issue: SBP-N_Newsletter #1_Sept 2020!